Dashboard loading stuck at 90%

After a new manual installation, the dashboard gets stuck at 90% loading for about a minute, and then finally opens with a 503 timeout message, and the system overview widget has errors.

After combing through many answers to similar issues on the forums, it seems fairly clear that what is happening is:

  • FreePBX is calling sendmail and waiting for a response
  • sendmail is taking too long and as a result, FreePBX is receiving a timeout error from its request to sendmail.

So the issue is really that sendmail is taking far too long.

The first step in this article sorted the issue for me immediately.

The dashboard problem is a dns issue. Here is a link to a previous message with a solution.

Thanks @joebeasley3rd for responding.
I’ve seen the link you included, and my intent in this post was to attempt to explain in “layman’s” terms what the issue is.

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