Dashboard extra drives (NAS) not showing SOLVED

I have had a NAS drive connected to an existing FPBX system for some time now and was always getting the display of the NAS capacity on the Dashboard of FPBX. I have now added a second NAS at /media/nas2 but after having mounted the drive I am no longer getting any of the NAS drives to show up in the FPBX dashboard. I have even tried rebooting the server with no avail.

The NAS drives are avaiable to the system and there is no problem accessing them so it is a mere issue of the display in the dashboard. I remember about a year ago I had a similar issue with a second drive in a system and there was some file that needed to be modified but I have not managed to google this specific fix again.

Can anyone help?

I have found a way to see my extra drives again…which is probably not the way to do it but it solved my problem. After the 2.7 update the following parameter was only showing “local drives”: parser->df_param = ‘Pl’ in the file /var/www/html/admin/modules/dashboard/phpsysinfo/class.Linux.inc.php

I changed this using:

sed -i “s|parser->df_param = ‘Pl’|parser->df_param = ‘P’|” /var/www/html/admin/modules/dashboard/phpsysinfo/class.Linux.inc.php 2>/dev/null

I copied this from another post that was about 5 years old and had the “P” parameter replaced by “” now I just replaced Pl with P and it is working again.

how about a diff patch showing the changes in the class.Linux.inc.php and toss that in a ticket so it can be reviewed and see what changed and if it is something that should go in the code or not?