Dashboard error or other problem?


freepbx 10.13.66-22 with some commercial module.

The statistic widget show a peak with 69 active call… non realistic in my enviroment…
Usually i have max 10 concurrent calls.

What should I investigate?


Do you have a page group with all of your phones in it?

no… no page group.

but now… peak disappeared!


What do you see in CDR at the time you saw the high amount of calls?

just checked… cdr report is “normal”.
Today I have 230 calls, it’s a normal behavior for us.
It’s really strange, also because peak disappeared a few minutes later.

This is the daily graph… no peak!
maybe a widget problem?


If you have the SIP port(s) open to the internet, you could conceivably have that many nuisance calls that the system is blocking. You might also see this if you have responsive firewall enabled before the offenders get blocked.

no @lgaetz,pbx not exposed to internet. I have an isolated vlan only for voip purposes without internet access.
And no remote sip trunk, only local PRI through patton and gsm gateway.

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