Dark Mode "Hack"

For Chrome Browser: For those who want a “dark” theme for the GUI… Caveat: It makes ALL pages dark mode in your browser if you enable it. but its easy on the eyes…

Enter “chrome://flags” into Google Chrome’s address bar and enable the “Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents” flag to force Google Chrome to display all websites in dark mode. You can also use a browser extension to force sites into dark mode.

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as a user of the extension dark reader I would recommend it highly and it’s available for Firefox and Edge as well as Chrome. more on the extension here darkreader dot org (I can’t post links as a new user)


I love dark mode, am enjoying this now! Some things are hard to read, might have to play around.

In our IT department of 23 full-time staff, I’m only one of 3 that use Edge regularly. I’ve used Edge at work and at home ever since the preview versions.

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