Daily Reboot

I have a customer with two locations. Both running FreePBX and GXP-2135s. Every day at 2:45PM one of the locations all phones reboot. This causes them to be kicked out of computer daily. I have searched and found nothing to make a difference. Please advise. Thanks!

That’s a weird time.

Check for core dumps. There might be something in there that can help.

Are you running a Distro or are you “roll your own”? Is your system up-to-date?

I had a system that used to do something like this and it was a bad RAM stick. When the system grew to a specific size, the system was ABEND and off everyone would go.

The system is installed on EC2. I lost a tech last year and somewhat fell into this role. So my knowledge of this setup is about 10 months old, but I am getting there.

So this is what is strange about the 2:45pm thing, my phones, different install, reboot also, but at 7:45pm daily. And what’s even stranger, the user with the problem has two locations, only 1 reboots during the day. I have searched everywhere. We use Endpoint Manager. If you need anything specific, let me know I will find it.

This is just the phones by the way, it’s almost like a provisioning update. System reboots nightly.

If the server isn’t restarting but the phones are, I’d starting looking deeper into the network.

What time does the janitor vacuum the computer room? (Sorry, old sysadmin story).

Some phones have a daily restart, but that depends on phone type and model. You should be able to disable the daily configuration loads (if there’s a setting for it) and get a handle on it. Even if this is the case, though, the phone should only reset if there’s an actual provisioning update.

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