Dahdi Trunks Doesnt Show on FOP - FrePBX

Hi guys.
i have a long time checking te forums a lot of answers to my questions i found in here.

But i got a issue i got the new Elastix 1.5-2-2 with FreePBX 2.6.0 RC2.1

first i got the problem in the ARI i check the forums and i fix it but now i have this problem and i am going to be very honest

I install a TDM400P Card with 4 Modules FXO on the Server but i cant get them to show up in the Flash Operatol Panel, i try to change the ZAP2DAHDICOMPAT=true in the amportal.conf but already have been changed, y try this option

but the same nothing changed on the FOP.

Does anybody now a solution for this problem