DAHDI troubles

Hi everybody! First, I just wan’t to appologise for my english… It’s my second language so I might have difficulties to explain…

Here is my problem : I’m using an asterisk/freepbx server to bridge my phone line between my house and my vacation house. At my main house, I have 2 CISCO 7940, an analog phone (wireless) and an analog phone line (PSTN). At my second house, I have only a CISCO 7940. Before today, I was using a SPA3000 as my FXO/FXS interface, but I was having some troubles with it, so I ordered TDM400p.

I install the card, and it’s correctly recongised. My analog phone is working perfectly (better than with the SPA adapter) but I’m having problems with the FXO port. In facts, I can’t do any outside calls, getting “Line Busy”, and when I try to do an incomming call, it’s ringing only when the PSTN is giving the ringing tone… So my phone ring, then stop, then ring (for a new call), and then stop… I don’t know if I’m clear…

Everything did internally on my system is working great. I also have two SIP trunk working greatly… But my DAHDI is having troubles…

Here is the card config : Chan 1 and 3 : FXO (1 is on the PSTN line)
Chan 2 and 4 : FXS (2 is on the wireless phone)

I don’t know wich files to provide for help but tell me!


Ok… well… I don’t know what to say! Thanks to all! (laughing!) I solve my problem… but I can’t help anyone else! Since I was not getting news from you, I decided to clear everything about dahdi and reconfigure everything… After a reboot, everything is working well… I’ll test it and if I get other problems with it I’ll comme here to talk about it! Thanks to everybody who was searching for it or would have done it! I’ll take your help later!