Dahdi No Audio

Hello again!

Im having an issue with my dahdi configuration. Everything appears to be setup correctly, however when I call in to the system from my cell phone, I have no audio from my IVR (Recorded in System Recordings). If I dial an extension number, the desired phone rings. If I pick up the ringing extension, I hear what I say into my cell phone on my IP phone, but when I talk into my IP phone, I hear nothing on my cell phone.

To start out, I just installed the latest and greatest FreePBX Distro version 1.1100.211.63-3. I set up my extensions and an IVR and made a few test calls. All good. I installed the card (an OpenVox A400P with 1 FXO module) and ran a dahdi_genconf.


amportal stop

Please wait…

Waiting for Asterisk to Stop Gracefully…

Asterisk Stopped

service dahdi start

Loading DAHDI hardware modules:
wct4xxp: [ OK ]
opvxd115: [ OK ]
wcte12xp: [ OK ]
wct1xxp: [ OK ]
wcte11xp: [ OK ]
tor3e: [ OK ]
r1t1: [ OK ]
rxt1: [ OK ]
wctdm24xxp: [ OK ]
wcfxo: [ OK ]
wctdm: [ OK ]
opvxa24xx: [ OK ]
opvxa1200: [ OK ]
rcbfx: [ OK ]
zaphfc: [ OK ]
wcb4xxp: [ OK ]
wctc4xxp: [ OK ]
xpp_usb: [ OK ]

Running dahdi_cfg: [ OK ]

service dahdi status

Span 1: WCTDM/4 “Wildcard TDM400P REV E/F Board 5” (MASTER)

2 unknown Reserved
3 unknown Reserved
4 unknown Reserved

I see my card. I see my module.

Asterisk CLI

dahdi show channels

Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret Blocked State Description
pseudo default default In Service
1 from-pstn en default In Service

dahdi show status

Description Alarms IRQ bpviol CRC Fra Codi Options LBO
Wildcard TDM400P REV E/F Board 5 OK 0 0 0 CAS Unk 0 db (CSU)/0-133 feet (DSX-1)

Everything is found in asterisk too.

I followed the first two or three steps in the “HOWTO: Create a remote extension” because it outlines the NAT setup procedure.

So… After all the trouble so far, I setup a SIP trunk to test with. Everything is perfect over the SIP trunk (except the minor bug i’m trying to work out in my other thread “SIP Trunk Issues”).

The only things I can think of that might be an issue are if Asterisk is not translating the audio correctly, or if there’s an issue with my card.

Any Suggestions?

BTW Did you work out the solution to this problem?
It appears I have the same problem? Thanx