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DAHDI - Many FXO rings before extensions ring


On my DAHDI port, and not on my SIP service, the caller and a 500 set on the line experience as many as 5 rings before the dashboard graph responds and inbound ring group rings.

And, what is the best way to live monitor a call’s progress? Please suggest possibilities. Thank you.


(Tom Ray) #2

Show a debug of a call this happens on.


Thank you. And more specifically, how would I create the “debug”?

(Tom Ray) #4

I don’t use DAHDi so I’m not sure what the debug commands would be for DAHDi specially. However, verbose output of the call showing how it is processing through Asterisk may point to something.


Backed up disk image to last spring and re updated. Seems to have solved the excess rings before connection problem.

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