Dahdi, Inbound CallerID and Delays (SOLVED)

Hey Dicko,

Just going to do a reboot and see the damage,
But you are right, the module would appear to play no purpose apart from writing the files. If that is the case then goodbye module.


Hey All,
Just a final follow up.
I disabled the writes on the module
did a reboot and the settings vanished.!
But then I pasted them back in and also included them in the groups file.
Done several reboots and seems to hold the change.

Not doubting you at all Dicko, better out than in if it serves no real purpose but the machine is remote so one step at a time. The worse that will happen is the two lines stop producing callerid as default everything is set to answer quickly.

Oops, still not read the manual, I’ll wait till it breaks again maybe.

On an additional note for some extra trickery.
This was my final file, I remove the cidsignaling as I was not convinced it gave the desired result.

; Do NOT edit this file as it is auto-generated by FreePBX. ;
channel => 1-2

callerid=“NoCli” <1473>
channel => 3
callerid=“NoCli” <1474>
channel => 4


Not sure on those quotes round the NoCli.! RTFM steve…

I then have outbound routes that filter 1471 thru 1474 and dial the required 1417 on the relevant line. Now they simply hit redial to find the last callers ID on those two lines.

Hopefull that’s all folks.
Thanks again for reading and taking part.


You should be able to disable or enable caller id per device in the dahdi module, but, it might just be easier for you to go to module admin and disable the module there (don’t uninstall it, just disable it)

Then it’ll never update your DAHDi settings again!

Hey Rob,

No worries, I may do that in a day or two as I will be up close to the box later in the week (being Friday !).

I do not mind waiting as it would be interesting to see if Fpbx hijacks the files at any point.

But it all works as I would hope at this point so
I am Stoked and I can now find other issues to fix.!


If it’s going to do it, it’ll happen when you click ‘reload’ or run ‘fwconsole restart’.

In associated news, the Dahdi configuration module is due to be re-written in FreePBX 14, so this’ll be a lot less messy in the future.