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I’m not entirely sure what has happened. I am using FreePBX 15; Asterisk Version 16.17.0. I have enjoyed working on / with FreePBX, so I decided to invest in a new server. Setup went fine and it worked well for about a week, then outbound calls quit following my plan.

I have 4 POTS lines coming into my Sangoma A200 card. I want outgoing calls to use Line 3, then 2, then 1, then 4 (in order every time). The system started using 4, then 3, then 2, then 1. On my old system, I was able to set Line 4 up as group 1. I can’t figure out how to do it. In Edit Trunk > dahdi settings, I set the DAHDi identifier to R1, G1, or g1, but in the general tab, the DAHDI Trunks only lists group 0, and then Analog Channel 1,2,3,4.

I have tried setting the group in DAHDI Configuration. It stays put until I restart Asterisk and DAHDI, then it reverts back to 0. I have also tried to edit the chan_dahdi_groups.conf file, but I can’t get Group 1 to show itself in the DAHDI Trunks Module.

So, what I have is Line 4 being used first. I want to use line 3 first. How can I accomplish this?

Maybe I just need to rearrange how I have the cables plugged into the back of the machine?

You probably want to define the groups on the conf file. Then just use the group name you want on the trunk definition, it won’t show the group on the drop-down, but you can still use it anyway, just enter it as gX, where X is the group you defined.

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Thank you arielgrin. In experimenting around, I found that if I don’t Restart DAHDi and Asterisk, the settings remain the way I want them to.

For clarification, which conf file should I use? Most of them say they are generated by the web interface and not to edit them.

Let me check my installation and get back to you with the specific file, but if you don’t use the DAHDI config module, you can modify them by hand with no issues. In fact, you can set the DAHDI module to disable writing in the dahdi conf files completely.

With only 4 channels you don’t really need groups at all. Just reference your DAHDI lines by channel in the outbound routes in the order you want them to be used.

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