Dahdi FXO Trunk Setup - Won't keep programming

I have a system with Asterisk 13 and Freepbx at 13 also. They have a Digium 8 port FXO card installed. We are able to program the card /ports in the DAHDI Config just fine. There are two groups setup group 0 and group 1. When we create a new Trunk and try to assign group 1 to that trunk the setting is there only until we move to another programming page, ie open Applications/Extensions, then go back to the Trunk we just programmed. The DAHDI setting has reverted back to the original setting of Group 0. We have tried multiple browsers, specifically Safari and Firefox. We tried to use the trunks thinking that maybe the browsers were lying about what was set, but that didn’t appear to be the case.

Any help would be greatly appreciated