Dahdi firmware out of date

When using a Digium TE122B the hardware echo cancellation fails to load because of a firmware issue. dmesg is showing the following errors:

wcte12xp 0000:08:08.0: Failed to load the firmware.
wcte12xp 0000:08:08.0: Failed VPMADT032 reset. VPMADT032 is disabled.

These are the dahdi programs that are installed by the distro. It looks like it is install version 107 of the firmware for the vpmadt032 echo canceler. The dahdi-2.4.0 firmware includes the firmware 125.


After downloading and installing the dahdi-linux-2.4.0.tar.gz from asterisk.org, the hardware echo canceler loads properly. I believe the firmware rpm packages need to be updated with the firmware that belongs to the associated dahdi version.

wcte12xp 0000:08:08.0: Booting VPMADT032
wcte12xp 0000:08:08.0: VPM present and operational (Firmware version 125)
wcte12xp 0000:08:08.0: Span configured for ESF/B8ZS

Yes at the time of building the Distro the latest Firmware Digium had was having issues so we kept with a later version. We will get this updated shortly to the latest.

Looking here the 107 is the latest package still that Digium has for RPM’s

I also had issues and had to reload dahdi in order to get Astribank to load the xpploader as files were missing.


What do you mean reload dahdi. Are you saying you reinstalled dahdi if so which RPM’s did you use as I can not find a newer firmware.

I used.


I hope compiling this will not cause problems to my system. All seems to work fine, I have connected an astribank with PRI AND FXS modules.


Ok I guess we will have to compile the RPM’s next week since Digium has not done RPM’s yet.

The latest version of FreePBX distro has been installed (PBX Firmware:3.211.63-6). But firmware issue still here.

wctdm24xxp 0000:05:00.0: PCI INT A -> GSI 21 (level, low) -> IRQ 21
wctdm24xxp 0000:05:00.0: Failed to find a registered loader after loading module.
wctdm24xxp 0000:05:00.0: Failed to load the firmware.

Additional package dahdi-firmware-vpmadt032-1.07 was downloaded and installed, but I can’t find kmod-dahdi-linux-fwload-vpmadt032 package for current kernel (2.6.32-279).

I know, that I can compile dahdi-linux-complete package, but it can be problem when kernel is changed (need to recompile every time).

My question is, can we expect full support for wctdm24xxp card with vpmadt032 in FreePbx distro, or we should to do it manually?