DAHDI Errors - Permission denied

hehe, well Leo (and his cohorts) bosses bought the company a year ago, they might need to catch up, eh? :slight_smile:

Hi David!

There was recently a module update of dahdi-config which was supposed to fix this problem but did not for me.

Do you think that you could possibly check if it does for you please?

Thank you and have a nice day!


Nick -

I saw the update, and was working on my FreePBX box on Monday. My analog ports were not working, so I did try a clean install of FreePBX 10.13.66 (64-bit), updated all modules, configured my DAHDI and then rebooted. Same result. I lost my analog ports.

I reinstalled FreePBX (again!), ran updates, configured my DAHDI and then disabled the DAHDI Config module, and my FreePBX box works great.

This box is in production now, and I am highly disincentivized to re-enable DAHDI Config. I will be keeping this FBSD box static for a while now.

Thanks, Nick.


Thank you David!

No problem, I understand…

We were a few people having this problem and it looks like I am not alone still having problems so you definitely better stick with your working configuration, disabling dahdi-config and running setup-sangoma has proven to be the most reliable configuration for me too right now…

Thank you very much and have a nice day!


This should be fully resolved with the update from earlier this evening.

As a note we do not change or set any permissions anymore. That is the fix. It’s whatever is set during startup by dahdi itself.

If you are still having issues I’ll bet that’s because you have lingering permissions issues (remember we don’t set them anymore!)