DAHDi Doesn't appear to be working, click restart/reload button below

Hi There,

I’m pretty new to Asterisks and FreePBX. I updated some modules on my freePBX and suddenly, the configured TRUNKS went off. I went to the DAHDi config panel and it was showing me “Dahda doesn’t seem to be working click reload button”. I did that several times but it didn’t resolve it. I have even rebooted the PBX server, still didn’t work. I can make internal calls but outbound and inbound calls aren’t working. The previous version it was on was 2.10… then i upgraded to 2.11 and I’m experiencing this issue. Kindly Help anyone…


… Or if anyone can point to me how to get to the /etc/dahdi/system.conf from the FreePBX Administration panel, I’ll really appreciate it.

Thank you.

DAHDI is a separate product and process from Asterisk. If you updated the DAHDI version to 2.11, you probably need to run through the DAHDI Setup Steps again to get it working.

Once you’ve reconfigured it, try restarting the service by hand and see what (if any) errors come up.

Hi, is it possible you assist me in looking into it.? Probably remotely either with teamviewer or anydesk…? I’d really appreciate this.

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