DAHDI, distinctive ring setup


Here is what the initial project was. I was a regular analog line that has two phone number with distinctive ring. I have a basic voicemail on my line which I need to put both messages in the same message. For another business, I also have a Freepbx system which has a Sangoma A200 connected to it.

I wanted to plug my phone line in and tell the system, DID: 123-456-7890 goes to an extension on my system, DID: 987-654-3210, you don’t answer it (leaving the call for my physical voicemail).

Now, doing research, I saw that DID is not sent by regular phone line provider so I can’t manage it.

I went to Connectivity, DAHDI, Global Settings and for Other Global Dahdi Settings, I added usedistinctiveringdetection=yes. In my log, I get two different ring pattern (0,0,0 (regular ring) and 379,337,0 (two-rings ring). Now, my problem is: how do I set an inbound route using those patterns?


I have done this but not in conjunction with the DAHDI config module. If you check this post on the other forum:

you can see the basic steps that are required. I don’t expect you can make this changes via the GUI so you will need to determine which files to edit, they will be the /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi_xxx_custom.conf files.

I found a similar post to this. I was able to set a context for my distinctive ring but now, this is the error I get:
[2013-11-12 11:16:13] WARNING[3727] pbx.c: Channel ‘DAHDI/4-1’ sent into invalid extension ‘s’ in context ‘Home’, but no invalid handler

I would like to send Home to a voicemail in my Freepbx, is that possible? Tried creating a Inbound Route with Home as DID but it is not working.


You need to define the context, “Home” in extensions custom.conf. IMO, the best way to do this is as shown in the link above, use the “Home” context to set the DID for the distinctive ring, then you can use the Inbound Routes module in the GUI to route the call however you want.

I am curious to know how you set the distinctive ring context, were you able to do this entirely within the GUI?

But it doesn’t work

I did all the configuration of distinctive ring in DAHDI, Global (at the end, you can specify custom entries)

Wow, made it. Thanks for your help.