Dahdi custom tone region

Hi I’ve just setup FreePBX. I have a FXO card installed and it’s been detected by dahdi. I’ve setup a ring group to hangup for testing purposes but when i call the POTS line, it just rings out. I have a hutch it’s caused by the tone region setting.

I live in the caribbean (st. lucia) and there is no region setting for the island. I’ve been testing a few tone settings but with no luck… I know the island’s tone settings but i don’t know how to configure Dahdi to use them… Please assist.

Tone settings required

Saint Lucia Busy tone - 425 0.5 on 0.5 off
Congestion tone - 425 0.25 on 0.25 off
Dial tone - 425 continuous
Special dial tone - 425+330 continuous
Pay tone - 622 0.136 on 0.136 off
Ringing tone - 425 0.375 on 0.25 off 0.375 on 2.0 off
Route tone - 425 0.05 on 0.05 off
Warning tone - 425 0.1 on 4.9 off
Call waiting tone - 425 0.2 on 0.2 off 0.2 on 4.0 off

I also get this error when i try to call the POTS line

WARNING[13503][C-00000006]: app_macro.c:321 _macro_exec: No such context ‘macro-from-dahdi-3’ for macro ‘from-dahdi-3’. Was called by [email protected]

Exactly what issue is it that you are trying to fix?

The call rings out and does not make it to the inbound route

That is probably not related to the tone settings.
Do you have a ANY/ANY inbound route?

Post a log of an incoming call. If your log doesn’t show a message like “starting simple switch on DAHDI” then something is misconfigured.

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