Dahdi Config

I just decreaded the number of PRI Channels I have from 23 to 10. I have a Digium Te122 Card… Do I need to make any changes to avoid congestion in the dahdi config or freepbx. It does not look like you can only assign 10 channels? I

You can define the maximum available channels in the trunk definition

You are probably going to have to reconfigure your DAHDI settings. It shouldn’t be too hard to rerun the DAHDI setup programs and reintegrate them into FreePBX,

do you run that from the CLI or can you do that in the GUI.?

Log into the console as root and rerun all of the dahdi_* programs you ran the first time you set the system up.

If you look through the dahdi config files, the programs that created them should be listed in the headers of the files.

You may be able to reconfigure the system through the GUI - it’s worth a try. Just know that you have a couple of ways to go, so your configuration may require one, the other, or both processes to get the thing running. The good news is that once you get it working, you shouldn’t have to mess with it again until you change the system again.