Dahdi Config with FreePBX

Hello, I have a dahdi module with 3 FXO analog ports connected to a PSTN central Panasonic, I want config dahdi to enable users on PSTN to make a VoIP call when he calls the extension on PSTN,
Like That:
example: 300 + VoIP account
300 is the extension of PSTN connected to a dahdi port
In another way, I need to config dahdi to make PSTN accessible for VoIP’s account, that’s mean VoIP account can call another VoIP account who is redirected directly to the dahdi port then to PSTN extension.
Any help please?

Sorry for my confusion but I think I don’t follow you. Do you want users on FreePBX to be able to dial out to PSTN through Panasonic?
If so, you first need to program the FXO gateway to establish a trunk with FreePBX. Then you need to create an outbound route that appends the required code used on the Panasonic to access the PSTN lines, for example 9 and a pause. That should be it in general terms.

yes that what i want, i configured it now the voip is accessible from PSTN, but how i can set many destination for routes? that mean if i have many sip account and i want to call someone how to setup this config?

Again, I’m not sure that I follow you. Could you try to be more specific about what it is that you are trying to achieve?

I have a pin connected between FreePBX and PSTN at extension 123, i need extension of PTSN when call 123 access the VOIP server and call a sip extension.
example: i have many sip extension 6001-6002-6003 for different office
i want to make sip users accesccible from PSTN, that mean if someone need office1 he need to call 123#6001, if need office 2 123#6002.

There are several ways to do that. One could be to send incoming calls on FXO to DISA so you can dial the SIP extension and have access to FreePBX functionality, other way could be to send the calls to an IVR that allows direct dial.
If your Panasonic can send the dialed number, that is DID, you could create as many inbound routes as extensions you want to reach and the dialing would be much more straightforward, but for that to work your Panasonic must be able to send the DID over the analog FXS.

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