DAHDI config not working, external line down

Need urgent held, please!

Upgraded from 6.12.65 to current stable release track over the past couple of days. Have upgraded to latest patch level FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-15.
Problem: In DAHDI Config module, “edit” does not work. Neither does “Glocal Settings” or “System Settings” nor any other menu item on the right hand side. I wouldn’t really care, but since my external line (sangoma 1port T1/E1 card) is down (RAI alarm is on), I think the upgrade process wrecked my dahdi config.
Don’t know what to do anymore…

Did you apply config after upgrading? This is needed to update the javascript.

It means remote side got problem.

Actually not quite it means that the link is up but the remote end is confused by your signalling/timing/framing. Perhaps and if you have that option, follow




to help to see what is failing.

Same Problem exactly. I had to uninstall dahdi config module and run setup-sangoma and then wancfg_dahdi and setup the card manually. I can make calls now but I cant figure out how to get the module to work after the upgrade.

Fixed in dahdiconfig v13.0.24

Has been resolved by paid support. Many thx for all the replies!