DAHDi Config Module

So I installed the DAHDi Config module on to 17 and the module will not start. There is no button to restart DAHDi & Asterisk, like in previous versions.

Hi @jmcnaughton Thanks for reporting this issue, raised [bug]: DAHDI Config module issue · Issue #281 · FreePBX/issue-tracker · GitHub to keep track of this issue.

Have you run the install script with the --dahdi parameter?

Maybe DAHDI is not installed and that is why the module doesn’t work.

When I installed FreePBX 17 with the script, I was not aware that the --dahdi parameter was needed in order to install DAHDI and Sangoma Wanpipe.

I ran the install through the Module Admin in the GUI.

I mean how you installed FreePBX 17


You could use " –dahdi-only" option on the top of your existing install to install DAHDI linux packages. or use " –dahdi" if doing fresh install.

My apologies…


Yes but I mean specifically if you used the parameter --dahdi when you executed the script from that link

If you didn’t add that parameter, then DAHDI is not installed and the module won’t work without it.

Thank you, I did not add it to the script.

I presume to add that toggle to the following line?

./configure --libdir=/usr/lib64 --with-pjproject-bundled --with-jansson-bundled

You should use the official install script. That link you posted is the previous step-by-step method.

The new install script takes care of everything. If you add --dahdi at the end of the script name, then DAHDI gets installed too.

I will start the process and report back.

Thank you for the help!


The parameter must be entered when you execute the script, which is the last step, not when you download it.

./sng_freepbx_debian_install.sh --dahdi

The updated script with the dahdi toggle did the trick!

Thank you again!

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