Dahdi config module missing 5.211.65-14

Hello! I just installed this via the AsteriskNow iso: I was previously running AsteriskNow 3.0.1 for about 3 years and the upgrade script did not work so I needed to do a fresh clean install. As of this afternoon, I have an otherwise fully functional instance of 5.211.65 running on stable physical hardware. When I pull down the Connectivity tab there is no Dahdi config. At cli if I dahdi status it shows my TDM410P card and shows the 3 FXOs I have active and the one inactive port but when I check to configure channels there “are no channels to configure”. I have searched and googled and spent about 6 hours trying to figure this out an am hoping somebody can either point me in the right direction of fixing/reinstalling the module or some guidance on how to do this via the config files.
Currently I can use all my phones internally but my office incoming and outgoing lines are obviously not being configured as there is no way via the gui for me to access the channels.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Go to module admin. Click “Check Online” download and install the “Dahdi Config” module.

Thank you very much- I was able to do this. You have to enable the extended repos to have access. Once installed it brought everything up and we now have incoming. Now I have just got to rundown why my outgoing trunk is not accessible to the phones for calling out