Dahdi Config Module Losing Config

I have a FreePBX 12 Distro, up to date with an old Digium TE420.
I set it up with the Dahdi config module and it works fine, even through a reboot but through a power down and back up it loses the configuration and says signaling is "Not Yet Defined"
If I disabled the Dahdi config module and “hard coded” the dahdi setup do you think it would help?


If the DAHDi helper module is install and enabled and you manually configured DAHDi (it sounds like this is what you did) then each time FreePBX regenerates its configurations files it will overwrite the configuration you did manually.

Either configure DAHDi from FreePBX or disable the DAHDi helper module in module admin…

If I misunderstood your problem then please had more info…

Good luck and have a nice day!


This was a clean FreePBX distro ISO install and the only configuration I did was in the Dahdi config module. Is the Dahdi Config and the Dahdi helper module different?

No same thing…

Would you recommend disabling Dahdi config and manually configuring?

If your card is supported by FreePBX (which most if not all Digium cards most probably are) you should normally configure it from FreePBX and not manually…

Mind you there are situations where you should configure it manually (a recent problems some of us had comes to mind) but under normaly circumstances and for supported hardware it is best to do it from the GUI…

Good luck and have a nice day!



Is it still working correctly for you?

Hi Andrew!

Sorrrrrry for the delayed reply…

I still don’t quite understand why it took a few restarts for everything to get back to normal without me seemingly doing anything different from one time to the next but once it started working it never stopped working…

My DAHDi helper/config module is currently active and the configuration is done from FreePBX.

My guess is that it had to do with the permission aspects of the problem but I don’t recall doing anything which could have changed them.

Thank you very much for your help in resolving this and have a nice day!