Dahdi.conf not owned by asterisk

After updating from 10.13.66-9 to 10.13.66-10,
I got this on the dashboad
’File /etc/modprobe.d/dahdi.conf is not owned by asterisk’.
Any idea what this means ?

Since DAHDI is not part of FreePBX, the upgrade shouldn’t take care of doing anything to the “dahdi.conf” file.

Since “dahdi.conf” is not owned by asterisk. there is no way for FreePBX (which is also owned by Asterisk) to make changes to the file (which it can do, if the file ownership is correctly configured).

If you are using DAHDI, you should change the owner of the file ‘dahdi.conf’ to asterisk.
if you are not using DAHDI, you should remove the dahdi module from your FreePBX configuration.

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This message comes up after the last update.
Was DAHDI not part of asterisk before the last freepbx update. ?
Any help on how to change the owner of the file ‘dahdi.conf’ to asterisk ?
Thank you

DAHDI is part of Asterisk (it’s a Digium product), sort of. DAHDI is a largely stand-alone set of device drivers that allow certain DAHDI cards to work with Asterisk. As part of the installation of DAHDI, you should have set the ownership of the files to Asterisk.

FreePBX is a management system for Asterisk (plus a lot more). It has a module that allows you to manage DAHDI.

If you are using DAHDI phones or lines, you need the DAHDI software, and the installation of that software should get your file ownership set up.

If you are NOT using DAHDI phones, go into your FreePBX Module Admin and remove the DAHDI management modules.

As far as teaching you how to read a man page to learn how to change the ownership of a file in Linux, you are on your own.