DAHDI card may have died

Came in this morning and our incoming lines were getting “The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service…” We still have our old Siemens system here, so after moving the PRI cord to the old system calls started coming in again. (Old system is forwarding the calls to FreePBX. Poor quality audio, ugh)

The card is from Digium, a 1TE133F. New. Last night by 18:40 EST it was working great. Almost a whole two weeks. This morning nothing. No LED indicator lights at all on the back. Tried the loopback which came with it, nothing.

Trying to go through the Full log to find when it failed. So far I am only seeing “dahdi.c: Failed to open /dev/dahdi/transcode” which is for the CODEC and “unable to load config phone.conf”.

Is there any other keyword I could search for to try to narrow down my search. The logging is using Verbose already. lol 10k lines plus per hour.

fwconsole ma upgrade dahdiconfig --edge
fwconsole stop
fwconsole start
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