DAHDI busydetect issue with sangoma

i have a cable analog line coming into sangoma card. Running sangoma distro of freepbx…calls in/out no problem.

howerver when line in use, placing another call to same DID keeps ringing without indicating to caller if the line is busy nor jumping to IVR/voicemail.

i have on chan_dahdi.conf:busydetect=yes

anything else i am missing ?

What does the /var/log/asterisk/full log say is happening when you place the call?

do you have call waiting disabled?

its on i …

[root@voip asterisk]# grep -i callw *
grep: backup: Is a directory
extensions_additional.conf:include => app-callwaiting-cwoff-custom
extensions_additional.conf:;–== end of [app-callwaiting-cwoff] ==–;
extensions_additional.conf:include => app-callwaiting-cwon-custom
extensions_additional.conf:;–== end of [app-callwaiting-cwon] ==–;
extensions_additional.conf:include => app-callwaiting-cwoff
extensions_additional.conf:include => app-callwaiting-cwon
indications_additional.conf:callwaiting = 440/300,0/10000

your actual line from your provider should NOT have callwaiting

ok i disabled callwaiting from provider but now if line is busy, i call in and it says “your call cannot be completed at this time…” must be message from the provider

Your provider may offer call forwarding on busy. With many business accounts, this is included at no additional cost. You can set it up to forward calls when the line is in use to another DID you have (SIP trunk, mobile number, etc.)

For example, see https://business.comcast.com/help-and-support/voice/phone-managing-call-forwarding-routing/ .
With some cable providers, this service can forward two or more calls simultaneously. If your SIP trunk has two or more channels, you could have three or more concurrent incoming calls.

Thanks this solves my problem with disabling call waiting and forwarding on busy to another DID…once set on the provider portal, it works now

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