Dahdi and the TDM400p

I have pored over all the instructions I can find and still can’t get a call through my TDM400p. Card shows up in Dahdi and with “show Status”. Dahdi doc on WIKI good but could use more on setting up trunks / routes and DID settings. I also don’t know how to view what is going on internally when testing.

Please advise. Thanks

More: TDM400p driver wctdm appears in the boot log but is not sellectable in modprobe. Is this important?

If I were you, I would enter Asterisk’s CLI and try to adjust the verbosity level (see a way to do that here) to see what happens when you preform an outgoing call or when you try to receive an incoming one; you may also provide the result of various commands (within Asterisk CLI and on Linux prompt) regarding some Linux log’s messages (As example: cat /var/log/messages|grep “thestringyoulookfor”), DAHDI service status, DAHDI’s Channels/Group status and various DAHDI’s configuration files too.

Some screenshots could also help to diagnose the issue (if any) and give an easy way to advise you as well (I’m not an expert anyway…).

Regards, Davide.

Ops…Typo: perform not preform!

if no, try amportal restart.
i am experiencing no dialtone during machine reboot.
i found out that asterisk is not running when i do a system reboot.
even i have amportal restart in rc.local

Well, first of all should be useful to know which type of system is running and having, at the same time, the reported issue (as example: is it a FreePBX Distro all-in-one system? If “Yes” which version of it? Or is it an handmade system build using a flavour of GNU/Linux, a version of Asterisk and one of FreePBX? If “Yes”, which versions?).

I’m prone to think that if a FreePBX Distro (so all-in-one) is used an issue regarding a service which is not starting during boot sequence is actually quite unusual.

On the other hand, I’ve learn that if changes (via Linux’s CLI) should be applied to DAHDI configuration’s files (and this one is not the only one case for sure) there are steps to do (these are quite mandatory) just before and just after those changes are made in order to let those changes to happen without troubles.

As example: “service dahdi stop” / “amportal stop” just before, “service dahdi start” and “amportal start” just after.

I can see the boot log recognizes the card and loads wctdm driver. Looking at the dahdi/system.conf file, I have seen it both blank and what looked to be correct on different occasions. Modprobe cannot be set to wctdm, does that matter? If I call my outbound route pointed to the card, the CDR shows a call to dahdi channel but call does not pass through as far as I can tell. We really could use a realtime event display module.

Many Linux distros keep rc.local in /etc - i.e., the full path is /etc/rc.local . In the boxes on which I’ve installed the latest 64 bit version of the FreePBX distro, there are 2 rc.local files. The CORRECT one is at /etc/rc.d/rc.local, and probably contains:
touch /var/lock/subsys/local

Make sure asterisk starts on boot

/usr/local/sbin/amportal start

Put all of your post-start stuff in this one (at /etc/rc.d/rc.local)! The other copy, at /etc/rc.local, is NOT executed as part of the SysV startup. I only discovered this when I examined the SysV startup services. I hope this saves others the time I lost discovering this.