Dahdi and mindmap

Here’s something I’ve thrown together: a dahdi mind map. It has dahdi configuration and troubleshooting. It is based on the PBX in a Flash distribution of Asterisk but there is little difference between PiaF and other distributions for dahdi.

I suggest that you zoom all the way out using the horizontal zoom bar in the lower left corner. You can navigate around by clicking and dragging the background.

It’s not obvious but click on paperclips for text info, the small magnifying glass to view the images full size and the globe to access the hyperlinks. The links you click on are pretty small and I found them hard to click on when fully zoomed out (the preferred viewing size). Use the +/- signs to expand/contract the map.

The right hand side is configuration info and the left hand side is troubleshooting info.

This mindmap is based on my website PBX in a Flash for Newbies