Dahdi Analog Channels - Always Revert to Group "0"

I have a PBX that has a Sangoma analog board with two FXS ports and ten FXO ports. I have configured the card using the FreePBX module “DAHDi Config”. I configured the two FXS to be Group 1 by clicking “Edit” next to their entry on the “Analog Hardware” tab and changing it in the popup presented there. The ten FXO are set to be Group 0. I then created two extensions for the FXS ports and a trunk for DAHDi Group 0.

Everything works fine, but once I have everything set up and working, any changes I make in the web interface (anywhere in the web interface) cause the FXS ports to revert to group 0, which causes them to be in the pool of available channels for the trunk, and then outgoing calls that are connected to either of those channels fail, because they are ringing the extension.

When this happens, I can manually edit /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi_groups.conf and change the two FXS ports back to ‘group=1’. Issuing a “core reload” from the console then gets everything working again.

What might be causing this, and what do I need to do to prevent the FXS channels from being placed back into group 0?

EDIT: It may be that the group setting does not revert unless I click the “Restart DAHDi & Asterisk” button in the “DAHDi Config” module.

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