DADHI CONFIGS Help keep the settings after upgrade or modify

Ok new to freepbx but all was working well.

I have now installed a sangoma A200 with ech cancel and all working well. I did initially have a problem of delayed rings etc but trolling the forums post figured that as i use UK BT i need to include the following

in chan_dadhi_conf


Now all working well but every time i make changes to system or update apply settings i need to redo the chan_dadhi conf with the above lines.

Now i am trying to understand which conf file i can adjust or edit to keep changes perminant.

If it can be done throug GUI all the better.

Just need the guidence otherwise all is running well.

Thanks to all in advance

Freepbx version
Asterisk 11.25.1
Endpoint manager Stable

I think you have to edit the from GUI setting, otherwise, the system will overwrite the setting you edited before.

ok so would i use the global settings in conectivity → dadhi

under other global settings

something like this

and is some kind person for future reference tell me what conf file holds the global settings

Many of us have recommended that, once you get DAHDI running, you disable the system’s ability to mess with it. DAHDI is a separate component managed and provided by Digium (not Sangoma) and as such, has the opportunity to get messed with for no apparent reason. Once it’s working, you should never have to monkey with it again.

Just a suggestion, of course, but why mess with something that’s working…

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ok if this is the only aceptable way how would i disable dadhi.

if there is a way from GUI or an official way also i would like to know.

thanks Dave

You can go into advanced settings and disable file writing for dahdi module.

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