D80 Doesn't Show in Phone Models

Hi, I’ve been reading here that the D80 is now available in endpoint manager but when setting up a template I don’t see the option for D80

Can anybody tell me where I’m going wrong or any extra steps I need to take? System and modules are all up to date.


Think I worked it out. After disabling the Digium phones module it showed up. Now working on zero touch provisioning. This is fun :slight_smile:

I have a few threads with all the info you need foe D80 and EPM. Make sure you have the D80 on the latest firmware or EPM wouldn’t provision…the firmware on mine was too old so I had to update it manually before zero touch provisioning through EPM would work… but once that was done it works great.

Presence and Phone Apps do not work with the D80 and EPM yet…

Thanks defcomllc. It’s all set up and working. I have to say I’m very impressed with the D80. Looking forward to seeing what else comes out of the Digium/Sangoma pairing.

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