D70 Rapid Dial wiht pause?

I have a rapid dial/BLF for call flow control. Call flow control requires authentication. I’d like to have the PIN programmed into the rapid dial button but I can’t find any documentation for this. Is there a method for this? A comma, P, w?


Negative, we don’t support any pause capability within the dial, transfer or send_dtmf press_function(s).

If you’re doing a send_dtmf press_function though you could always do multiple steps: one key to do the first part of the sequence, manual pause on the part of the operator, another key to do the next part of the sequence.

Thanks for the reply - I think I can do what I want with the dial plan and wont even need this. It’s for the Day/Night button because I don’t want random employees to be able to enable/disable or to do it on accident, so I will only have it prompt for authentication when dialed from an “unauthorized” or unexpected extension.

Not a big deal now that I’ve given it the right thought, but I do appreciate your reply.

No prob. :slight_smile:

Good luck

I may have another question at some point, but really digging the D70’s and am getting lots of compliments from people here in the office!

I do have a feature request/suggestion for DPMA or the phones – not sure which it wouild apply to, but where do I send those?


Feature requests / suggestions for the phones go to [email protected]