D65 EPM - Logo cuts off on left hand of screen

Tried the following resolutions: 480x272 and 296x128.

Both cut off the left hand side of the logo and don’t respect transparencies in PNG files. Does any one have some suggestions on what I can try?

Looks like this has been asked before with no resolution. The documented size appears to be 296x128 for the D65.

That’s expected behaviour according to the specification; the image isn’t supposed to have an alpha channel.

Also see:


I disagree w/ you on the transparencies, I used to do it all the time w/ old DPMA.

D65 F/W 2.9.21

Logo File Used:

You are disagreeing with the documentation. I was only reporting what the documentation says. Of course it is possible that the documentation is really saying the result is not reliable, or that the documentation is out of date.

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