D40s Will Not Re-register After Network Outage

I have a client in an area with heavy lightning storm activity. Every time they have a major network outage, their Digium D40 phones (using DPMA on firmware) will not re-register with FreePBX, they time out looking for the server.

The only solution thus far is to default the phone and reconfigure.This is a major hassle when it effects 30 or 40 phones across multiple facilities. Any thoughts on why they won’t re-register, even though their configuration appears unchanged?

i am assuming you have tried power cycling the phones as well as just simply rebooting them without defaulting the phones?

Correct. It is a remote location, so there could be something going on I can’t “see”, but users consistently end up defaulting the phones (which does not dump the necessary VLAN settings).

the clue here is probably your vlan setup. i would look closely at it to see how things behave on the switches and routers after a power outage. again, an assumption, that you have the vlan id in the phone config or are you provisioning the vlan info via the switch or dhcp server at the remote location?