Cycle through IVR Breakouts

Im looking to cycle through, or have a picklist of IVR breakout menus in a Queue.
Basically, hold music, then an “announcement” (really an IVR), then some more hold time, Then a different announcement.

Im trying to set up a cycle of pre recorded announcements and have them cycle while people wait on hold. I dont see any modules that allow for this kind of setup.

Im familiar with Asterisk, and could probably come up with something, but if its built in, or someone made a module for this, I would rather not go breaking the dial plans…

Any help would be awesome!


If it is purely for announcements, why not make the announcements a chain of MOH files?

Give the queue its own category of music. you could even use the same music, editing the length and copying and pasting it in-between the announcement recordings?

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I diddnt think about that…

My goal is to keep it easy enough that marketing, sales, and support can add/remove recordings as time moves on. Like if we are doing a promo, marketing can add it, and keep me out of it.

That should work with MOH files. I just have to make sure I can teach them how it would work.

Ive done similar things in Asterisk, but I call an external script that then tells Asterisk what file to play.
I just didnt want to have to do that in FreePBX since I diddnt write that dial plan. Im sure Id break it. lol

But thank you. The MOH should work well!

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