Customized Feature Codes Missing in Warm Spare Backup

Created my first Warm Spare backup and had great success. However, when auditing the restored server for correct information, there were just a very few surprises.

The customized FEATURE CODES for the SYSTEM RECORDINGS (Recordings Section of Feature Codes Module/Page) were not brought into the Warm Spare server (they were the defaults in order created on the original server). Note… the Customized Feature Codes for my Time Conditions were correctly preserved in the Warm Spare

Backup & Restore 16.0.59
Feature Code Admin 16.0.5

All modules are current/upgraded on both devices prior to setting up my brand-new Warm Spare Server.

The Backup job is configured to include all modules, except Backup and Restore, System Dashboard, Filestore, Asterisk API, and System Admin.

Any ideas? Apologies if I have left out any required information… first time poster.

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