Customize pjsip default settings from the backend file

HI team,

I want to add some custom settings to the pjsip trunk from the backend file. like we used to make changes to the sip custom files.

How’s that possible ?

Like pjsip.conf has the below global settings

#include pjsip_custom_post.conf

If I want to add any custom configurations or I want custom configurations to be the part of Global how can I do that?

In the file pjsip_custom_post.conf you would add a section that looks like this:


Do a core reload and you will see from asterisk console with pjsip show settings that debug is enabled.

You cannot do that with chan_pjsip. It does not have global options that are shared with all the endpoints. You must adjust each endpoint individually or use the wizard (which FreePBX doesnt support) or do templates like Lorne pointed out.

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