Customize FreePBX Installation


We have a growing number of FreePBX installations and for each we integrate with our Active Directory domain for our user logins. We have two groups ‘Users’ and ‘Administrators’ with each group granted different permissions. For a handful of PBX systems setting this up manually isn’t a problem but it would be great if it were possible to configure this either during the install or maybe from a custom backup?

I’m not familiar with Kickstart (yet) but looking at the ISO it looks like KS is how the PBX is provisioned. Is it possible to start a FreePBX install with a custom Kickstart file that would somehow configure this integration for us? Or would it be possible to setup a system then use that as our ‘base image’ to install new systems from?

The other thing I’d like to automate as much as possible is the backup configuration. We have several backup plans, all defined on each PBX and again, if there’s some way of including this configuration on a new install that would save us a bunch of time.

I’ve looked at the OEM program but (and I may be misreading) it looks like that’s more for Branding which at this time we’re not interested in as the client never accesses their PBX.

Any guidance or nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I’m not opposed to using Kickstart, a Spacewalk server or Puppet etc. to do this, just dont have much experience (yet) in those areas.

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