Customize congestion error messages

Hi after a long time using asterisk and freepbx I wonder why this was never addressed properly.

We have need to customize error responses for specific hang up cause like below
It would make sense to implement it.

404 Not Found: Could be that number doesn’t Exist
486 Busy Here: The number that has been busy
403 Forbidden: That number has been blocked
(not only the ones mentioned above)

The generic congestion does not provide a professional solution like FreePBX / Asterisk seems to be.
It should be treated seriously and improve it.

In the meantime is there any known workaround?
Is there any feature request that I can follow?


No, there is no “professional” workaround as your VSP’s almost always reply incorrectly to a failed call. That unfortunately is the nature of VOIP providers., So FreePBX provides the the best it can do, unfortunately it also impacts the way the FreePBX/Asterisk can “professionally” continue to try another egress.

I agree with @dicko, but there is something to be said for your point.

If you were to provide a feature request that outlined how you think the system should respond to different outcomes, I’m sure someone would look at it and provide you feedback, either in the form of “nope, can’t do it” or “cool idea.”

Remember - this is publically supported open-source software. If you want the system to do something it doesn’t do, the surest way to make that happen is to provide code to the development team. They require some paperwork to be filled out before they’ll look at your code, but there’s nothing keeping you from developing the next great “call failed” application.