Customize CDR Report

Hi Guys,

Can someone help me in making a custom report based on the below columns:

Date Time To CountryCode/Region hh:mm:ss CLID Source Disposition

Please let me know how to make this report…


The CDR database is standard SQL. You can connect to it with a SQL report writer (like SQL Workbench) and create any report you want.

thanks, but just now when I tried to get the report from CDR Report Module build-in, then it shows the destination number in different format, like for India ****1900919873517013, this I can guest, but to group them country wise very difficult to do that, can we remove/truncate the ****19 from the above one while taking the CDR Report automatically.

You can create a table with country codes and do a mysql join using the substring function… May be time to pull out a mysql book.