Customization Project

Was looking to get in contact with any FreePBX developers to see about a hiring you for a project to upgrade a function with our FreePBX system.

The basic idea is to create a gui front end that shows all users who are online and then allow a manager to select any active users and listen in on the call and possible go live
with both the sales rep and customer.

Anyone interested in quoting on this, please get back with me
via email.

Thank You,
D Renard

This is done already. It part of iSymphony Operator Panel and is installed on FreePBX Distro systems already and can be bought in the FreePBX Store/Portal.

We looked at iSymphony and want to consider other options, So we are still looking for a programmer who may be able to help us with a custom look and feel that we have in mind. So anyone programmers out there please email me if your interested in looking at this.

What is the budget for the project? I would also post your specs and scope. This is very specialized work.

While it’s not supported by FreePBX you may want to look at FOP ( you can customize the buttons, background and such. This may be closer to what you are looking for.

I should have said not supported by the FreePBX developers and engineers and the developer has chosen not to join our ecosystem. With this in mind it still may be a solution for you.