Customised FreePBX

Looking at using a freePBX server for multiple purposes, first off is an idea I have for telemarketing I hope to find customers for and the second is to have the same package work for voip provider services i intend to run.
So wondering what an estimated cost for this would be.

I’m pretty sure it’s still free.

If you’re looking for someone to build you a system, you might want to change your question.

FreePBX is NOT made to manage an ITSP. FreePBX is NOT meant for multi tenant.

FreePBX IS a PBX. It is meant to act as a PBX.

There are robo-dialers that work with FreePBX such as vicidial.

Hmmm! Thats an interesting point @ change my question, well I guess I would then have to explore the Elastix Multitenant option (which still basically uses a FreePBX core).

I think requiring someone to “build” a system would be the question then. But @jfinstrom with a few additional server features such as Opensips, throw in a CRM such as Sugar the FreePBX could handle a number of things correct?

Total cost $0.00 , total time estimated depending on your abilities a few hundred hours ;-), expect lots of disappointments with the multi-tenant thing, delegate it to opensips/Kamailio as they are true SIP Proxies, FreePBX is ‘just’ a very good PBX.

ROFL!!! Thanks for the heads up. I’ll dig a little deeper to see what would work, Kamailio is quite the front end server though. Thanks.

Not to sound harsh, but he’s not kidding. :slight_smile:

What you’re asking to do is a lot of settings, a lot of hardware, and a lot of just walking around troubleshooting.

I’ve been doing this for years and I’d probably end up spending a solid month on it. The telemarketing front end configuration alone will take at least a week, especially since a lot of what your customer is likely to want you to do has nothing to do with the configuration of the PBX. If you don’t have a lot of experience, you could easily spend a month on this.

I’ve set up a couple of telemarketing systems. Both started out with predictive dialers and the customers didn’t like them. They both ended up with custom click-to-dial systems. Like most complex systems, the hard 10% takes 90% of your time, and the hard 1% takes 99% of your time…

On the other hand, go for it. The worst that can happen is that you’ll learn a lot and I’m a big advocate of people learning stuff.

@cynjut this sounds even more tedious than i envisaged initially. Nonetheless it would be a great idea to share the Idea I have and see what the development cost would be including an estimated time line for completion could be. Its an idea i came up with and have a gut feeling it could actually be big in the african market.