CustomerDB DID entry?

So I’ve been setting up my FreePBX on RPi over the last couple of weekends and have just installed SmartRoutes and CustomerDB so I can route my trusted callers to a specific ring group and IVR.

But I can’t find any documentation on CustomerDB and have become a little stuck Problem is I can’t find any way of inputting the caller’s number in the DID field to then have SmartRoutes use it - all I see is an empty drop-down.

Anyone know how I can populate this? I realise I’m probably being stupid and have missed something obvious (or I’m trying to do it the wrong way) but any help on this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!

OK, so I abandoned that plan and switch to Dyanmic Routes module and SmartHomeRoute for the entries. This isn’t going much better though :frowning:

The default route works fine, but calling in on my mobile which has an entry in SmartHomeRoute and is sent to destination “whitelist” still goes to the default route.

I’ve checked as much as I can think of - I’ve run the query in PHPMyAdmin and it returns the result as expected, I’ve checked all privileges, I’ve tried telling DynRoutes to go to localhost, and even the IP address of the RPi but none of this has made any difference :frowning:

Any help on this greatly appreciated.

Nevermind, I sorted it. Turns out it was a permissions thing afterall.

Obviously can’t brain today.