Customer command sheet / cheat sheet

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Does anyone know of any examples / templates for a cheat sheet kind of thing that can be given to customers who have freepbx/pbxact? I know some of it will be phone manufacturer specific, but they use sangoma based phones.



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Do you mean a printout of the Feature Codes page?

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

Admin GUI under Reports -> Print Extensions gives a nice summary of feature codes et al.

(Durrago) #4

I found that report, but I was thinking something more of an idiot guide for… clients.



I would suggest that only you know your clients,there is a whole Sh1tload of features that FreePBX offers, chances are you need to explain just a very small subset that pertains to your particular clients.

Given that we are all pretty sure that few folks ever read the manual in their cars’ glovebox, Maybe you probably write that “idiot guide” yourself. The accepted attention span of an adult for this sort of stuff is accepted to be about 3 minutes, so be concise :slight_smile:

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