Custom solution for freepbx ? I am willing to pay for this 20-30 dlls

I need a timer when a call is inbound or outbound from one specific extension in freepbx and then when time is coming then put the call on hold and after x secs return the call to that same extension from hold status

I am willing to pay between 20 to 30 dlls for this

note: in resume I need freepbx.
for incoming calls:
a incoming call in extension 1001. when is answered. the timer start. then when reach 4.5 minutes the original caller is sent to hold status. and the extension 1001 is disconnected, after 15 sec the call that is in hold is sent again to extension 1001 and the timer is set again and again an again until calller hangup

for outgoing calls:
extension 1001 dialout a phone number at the moment the number is dialed then the timer begins at 4.5 minutes same put in hold and after 15 sec the call is returned to extension 1001 and again again

the system should allow config the extension. the time before sent to hold and time in sec to return the call
and should allow more than 1 extension

anyone intersted please reply here or to jcolin at gmail

Not that I’m at all interested at this price, but my I ask: why?

well because that extension is for a gsm gateway. and my cellular provider gives 5 minutes free in each call before begin charging for minute. so the script would allow to loop the call to be free and the caller is not discconected because they are sent to music on hold each period of time

at this time I can do this manually doing a blind transfer ##70 then nobody pickup the call and the call returns to the extension which is my cell

the think is that i want to avoid doing manually i want to automatize it.