Custom SoftPhone for AsteriskNow

Solution prescribed in asterisk java tutorial has been workout.It is possible to originate an Action from Asterisk AMI to Asterisk server,then it will turn to AGI script and answer call. Now problem is I could not redirect call to exact extension dialed in java program. Also I have taken little effort in JAIN sip to authenticate SIP client application developed in java and tried to fire an action to server for outbound calls. My question is how second sip client is able to answer call. JAIN sip lib is feasible to do this task. Isn’t it? or Asterisk AMI and AGI script are feasible?

This forum is for FreePBX, I don’t know of any Asterisk java developers that hang out here. You might get a bite but I think you will have more results in the Asterisk developer forums.

Also your question did not translate well. It’s unclear what you are asking.