Custom SIP Setting lost on reboot [SOLVED]

I need to add “subscribecontext=ext-local” to get the BLF lights working properly on a GXP2120. Following a post in the forums I installed the “Asterisk SIP Settings” module and added it via that and the buttons immediately lit up as expected!

Once I rebooted the FreePBX box, however, the lights stopped functioning and remained in the state they were in when they last worked. I checked the “Asterisk SIP Settings” and confirmed the setting was there. Grep’d on the server and confirmed they were still listed in sip_general_additional.conf. If I go back to “Asterisk SIP Settings” and change nothing, but submit and apply changes… they work again. So I looked into OTHER methods of setting this value and tried both sip_custom.conf and sip_general_custom.conf and none of these places have any effect at all.

What am I doing wrong or have set wrong? It works when set, but not after reboot.

Since other articles with regard to BLF indicated it required U/D mode, I went ahead and tried it under that. No difference in functionality between either mode.

The “Dynamically Generate Hints” option was turned on. Once removing this all worked as expected. An article I’d read somewhere suggested this, but it works great now.