Custom Screen-pop application? AMI or just via dialplan?


I am tasked with writing a custom screen pop application for a small office. I am trying to figure out what the best way to get the information on the ringing phones and connected calls. I’d like to be able to capture when calls are ringing and also connected.

I guess I have two options for integration. I could have it run some script from the dialplan to connect, or I could have an outside script connect to the AMI interface and watch for events (still haven’t determined what events those would be)…

Anyone written anything similar before or know of any opensource solutions where I can gain some inspiration?



I use the service at, I created some basic AGI’s that send the message to a listener on the web side. has examples.

Been running this way with 1000+ calls a day for a few years with ZERO failures that I can blame on Pusher. Far more reliable than I thought when I first considered this product. Saved my bacon back then from having to write something by hand back then with little knowledge of HTML5 web sockets.

I am about to re-write my own stuff though and will likely use with another add-on library I found but I forgot the name at the moment. Anyhow, would be my recommendation, you can notify the listener from an AGI script, at least that’s how I am planning on doing it.

We have this running with AMI, our desktop app on c# connects to the AMI and popups are flawless.

Hello Fonewiz,

I am looking to do something very similar. Can you tell me exactly what AGIs you created? Are you not listening to the AMI events? I have some perl to listen to the AMI events, but trying to figure out what events will allow me to capture what I want.

Willing to share any code or work together on this?


This should help get you started :slight_smile: