Custom P values possible when using commercial EPM?

I am using EPM 13.0.51 and it really cuts down on provisioning so hats off for a great product. I have a need to configure a setting that is not included as an option in the template inside of EPM. As of now I am configuring that one option in the web UI for the phone, but I know the P value and if there were a way to pass that in to the EPM profile for the phone it would be great. I could edit each macaddress.cfg file to add it (apart from the warning that you shouldn’t in the file), but also realize that the setting will get over written every time the configs are rebuilt. Is there any way to allow additional custom P values to be passed in when generating the phone cfg for an EPM template?



There is the EPM basefile editor that permits you to make manual changes to templates.

Thank you for that link. I had stumbled across there before but didn’t really see anywhere describing how to get to it. I found it once I looked in the advanced settings when in EPM.

Thanks again!

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