Custom Line button for certain departments

I have Sangoma S500 and S300 phones. Every user is different on how they want their phone configured. Do I have to create a template in endpoint for each phone or is there a way I can configure individual phones to have certain button settings? For example I may want one S500 to have some monitor lines so I know when user 2 is on the line but my other user may not want that feature. In a nut shell, how do I configure individual phones without the use for making a template? I do not see these options in extensions. Labeling the phone for example doesn’t even show up on my phone screen.

No. You can change the button layout for each phone individually. In Endpoint, Global settings, enable “Admin UCP for all”, and a new button will appear for each extension in Mapped Extensions allowing buttons to be edited. The user can also do all this themselves in UCP provided they have been given appropriate permissions with User Manager.

I do not see that option in endpoint global at all. I have not played with UCP at all yet. Will that give me more options?